Gov. Holcomb plans to build Indiana’s economy with “all of the above” approach

(Photo Supplied/Governor Eric Holcomb Twitter)

Governor Holcomb’s approach to building Indiana’s economy is an “all of the above” approach.

Governor Eric Holcomb is heading to Egypt to address a global climate summit and talk energy investments and jobs for Indiana. Governor Holcomb tells Gerry Dick with Inside Indiana Business that his approach has always been to bring the world to Indiana and Indiana to the world.

“There will be a long list of private sector companies, and obviously for a state like Indiana that’s number one in terms of manufacturing, we want to make sure ten years from now that we’re still number one in advanced manufacturing,” says Holcomb.

According to Inside Indiana Business, Indiana ranks 12th for wind energy, and is the number one steel producing state in the nation by 28-percent. Energy options continue to expand in the Hoosier State. In northwest Indiana, Israel-based Doral Renewables begins phase 2 on the largest solar project under construction in the nation. It’s a 1.5-billion dollar solar farm that will span 13,000 acres across two counties.

Stellantis & Samsung have committed to building an electric vehicle battery plant in Kokomo – a 2.5-billion dollar investment that will bring 1400 jobs to the area. General Motors is investing around 500-million dollars to expand it’s Marion metal center for more electric vehicle battery production. GM and LG Energy Solution may build a 2.4-billion dollar electric vehicle battery plant in New Carlisle, which could bring 2000 jobs.

To Holcomb, making these trips around the world to build economic relationships is all about putting Indiana in a position of strength and opening up all energy possibilities.

“When you think about the electric vehicles becoming evermore popular and will, as the coming years unfold, we have to make sure that we’re in a position to continue with the workforce and with the raw materials to supply.”

“It’s more options for our workforce to stay close to home,” Holcomb continues, “and not seek opportunity elsewhere when these industries and ecosystems transform them.”

Holcomb tells Inside Indiana Business that electric vehicle expansion is necessary because the market is demanding it, and to make sure the state is able to offer reliability, sustainability, and affordability of our energy sources.

Holcomb explains, “we want to make sure we have a canvas of options and different colors: pink, blue, turquoise, green, of energy sources, whether it be nuclear, hydro, wind, solar, coal, gas, oil. It’s an “all of the above” approach.”

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Thor November 10, 2022 at 8:29 am

Gotta love the electric anti-green cars and anti-green energy pin wheels.

It takes 500,000 tons of mined ore and minerals (often mined with child and slave labor) to create a single car battery. They are then charged by coal and natural gas power plants because wind and solar are unreliable sources of energy.

Wind…what other industry could slaughter nearly 700,000 birds a year and get away with it…all because they are labeled green.

Also, nice to see the guv getting in his paid vacations and world travel.

Charles U Farley November 10, 2022 at 11:24 am

I’m pretty sure we’d rather have 13,000 acres of food production than 13,000 acres of non-recyclable green boondoggle that doesn’t work at night or in the wintertime.

Not like it will matter anyway, since our currency is about to become toilet paper. A wheelbarrow full of bills to buy a loaf of bread has happened before, and the Joe Frauden administration has the dollar on the same trajectory.

Slacker06 November 10, 2022 at 11:31 am

First Dopey Prince Eric the Chinless Wonder of Hoosierville is not the one who builds an economy. That is fully in the hands of THE PEOPLE. His job is to get out of the way and let The People do their thing.
Second, The Dopey Prince is in Egypt right now selling the Hoosier Economy down the proverbial river on the climate hoax.
I wonder, when he has to announce failure of our economy because of his tinkering will he be in tears as he was announcing the first Covid death in Hoosierville?

The Prime job of the government which he heads is to SECURE RIGHTS. Nothing more and nothing less. Ordering people to use EVs, what to eat, what shots to take, or flush less is not securing rights. The marketplace takes care of those aspects of life by the millions of moment by moment decisions people take every day. Adam Smith is rolling over in his grave along with the rest of our founders. No tachometer ever invented can measure the RPM of those rolling corpses.

Debbie November 11, 2022 at 7:05 am

I’m not sure why this is being done you can’t get rid of the batteries once they’re no good they just sit and can’t be recycle. Than there is the affordability electric car is not affordable not to the average American and there’s a whole Lotta stuff that have to be done to the house in order to plug-in. This all seems ridiculous, but in 10 years I probably won’t even be here, maybe none of us will be who knows there’s nothing I can do to stop it nothing any of us can do. This is the way of the future and certainly no surprise to any of us unless you’ve have hiding under rock for a decade.


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