Sen. Todd Young: Internal Revenue Service needs held accountable

(Photo supplied/U.S. Senator Todd Young)

The Internal Revenue Service needs to be held accountable and kept transparent – so says your Senator.

In a press release, Indiana Republican Senator Todd Young said the IRS received over 80-billion dollars from Senate Democrats through the Inflation Reduction Act, but there was no system in place to keep the IRS in check. Young, along with Senators John Thune and Chuck Grassley, says the IRS Funding Accountability Act would keep taxpayers safe.

Young has proposed a required reporting system, where the IRS would submit an annual plan detailing how it intends to use new funding. The bill would also require the IRS to provide quarterly financial updates that the Department of Treasury would be able to evaluate.

If the IRS failed to meet any of it’s requirements, it would be subject to fines and other financial penalties, including funds being rescinded on a daily basis until it finally complies.


  1. Toad Young has been in office for nearly 6-years. In all that time has he ever even tried to hold a federal agency accountable? NOPE! As Hoosiers were raked over the coals by the federal agencies Toad hid under his desk waiting for campaign season.

  2. In the French…a partisan is a patriot fighting for his/her country.

    Bipartisan = traitor, one who plays to both sides.

    Young is a bipartisan.


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