Fewer high school students planning to pursue college degree

(Photo Supplied/Pixabay)

A new study suggests that fewer high school students are planning to pursue a college degree.

The Indiana Commission for Higher Education has kicked off its Education Value Movement to help stop the decline.

In 2020, only 53% of high school seniors enrolled in college.

The data also shows that the state’s numbers have been falling behind national numbers.


  1. Most colleges have turned into woke crapfests. Between ridiculous tuition, unnecessary class requirements, and SJW woke garbage more and more kids are checking out. Not to mention that the degrees are diminishing in value when more and more people can get meaningless majors, like underwater basket weaving, ancient Vietnamese pottery, or anything ending in “-studies”.

    Go look at Goshen College’s list of majors if you want a good laugh, and then realize they are actually on the conservative side of things…

    • agree well said A very very poor financial decision to attend college UNLESS you are getting a degree in a high paying field


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