Two Michigan City men arrested for illegal possession of handguns

(Jon Zimney/95.3 MNC)
Two Michigan City men were arrested for illegally possessing handguns.
It was last Thursday night when a Michigan City police officer says he saw Julian Bowen, 19, who had an active warrant for arson and criminal mischief outside of Virk’s Discount Liquors on Michigan Boulevard.
The officer says Bowen has a gun on him that had been altered with a switch, so it convert between a semi and fully-automatic weapon.
During Bowen’s arrest, another officer spotted a second man who had an unrelated pending court case on a weapons charge.
Rashaan Jeanes, 23, was charged with unlawful carrying and marijuana possession after the officer found him in possession of a handgun and pot.


  1. Thank you again, JZ, for continuing to use “illegal possession of guns” instead of calling the guns illegal. Your integrity is appreciated.


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