Keep an eye out for porch thefts

(Photo Supplied/Pixabay)
You should keep an eye out on your neighbor’s porch and hope they do the same for you to keep porch pirates from stealing packages, say Mishawaka Police.
At least two thefts have happened this week.
The police department tells WNDU-TV that you should get shipping and delivery notifications on your phone and should think about getting a camera doorbell to discourage such thefts and catch the bad guys.


  1. If we are lucky enough to catch The Grinch That Stole Christmas. The judges and the prosecutor’s office aren’t tough enoughin in St. Joseph County on these porch pirates. If you happen to catch one in the act, put them in a large box in the middle of nowhere.

    • We had the chance to dump corrupt DARE Dollars Redman and we failed to do so. How much of it was because of the massive fraud perpetuated by the SJC Clerk’s office?

      Sadly, Ken Kotter ran unopposed so we were stuck with him.


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