Governor Holcomb defending record into his final budget session

(Photo Supplied/Governor Eric Holcomb Twitter)
Governor Holcomb is defending his record as governor going into his final budget session in the state legislature.
Holcomb tells All Indiana Politics that he stands by his decision to sign a bill into law banning most abortions in Indiana. He also is doubling down on not suspend or freeze the gas tax in the face of record gas prices earlier this year.
Democrats in the Statehouse were highly critical of Holcomb for not suspending the gas tax.
Looking ahead to the legislative session, Holcomb said he will prioritize education and health care programs in his spending proposal.


  1. Dopey Prince Eric the Chinless wonder of Hoosierland has a generally abysmal record except for his signing pro gun legislation. He was AWOL on Covid except to scarf up as much federal largess as possible by keeping the “emergency” declaration going even though it was not unforced or unenforceable. What a scam artist.At least he did not become the veritable tyrant other governors became. We can thank him for that at least. I say good riddance and home a real conservative gets elected.


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