South Bend councilmember filing resolution for reparations

(Photo supplied/City of South Bend)

A South Bend councilman is filing a resolution for reparations.

Councilmember Henry Davis Jr began developing the resolution in early April. Part of the plan includes a formal apology and asks that money is invested into minority communities.

Davis says that the resolution is not legally binding, but it could promotes conversations about healing and repair.

He also stated that he is demanding $60 million dollars from the city of South Bend.

The group says the call for reparations goes beyond just money, including a reconciliation group to be set up for South Bend.


  1. Why would taxpayers that have no history of any relative owning slaves want to be part of this? If passed we are being forced to pay for mistakes from over 100 years ago.

  2. I go along with him and fully support this resolution…..contingent that he can find any living slaves to apologize or any slave owners to extract the money. The gimme/dependent culture that looks for every opportunity to never be a productive part of society.

    • Exactly, tired of all these baby boomers draining the country’s funds. They have controlled the country for too long and put This country in debt.

  3. What is “socially just” about taking money from people that never owned slaves, and giving it to people who were never slaves?

  4. Henry Davis Junior might be the most pandering person in south bend. He should have lost his job when he went the wrong way on the bypass under the influence. Stop electing this fool!!

  5. Fine. Let’s pay reparations to his community, and deduct the costs of the tax dollar funded social programs that have been handed to his community over the course of the last 5 decades. They should do it now, though, because every year they will owe us more and more money.

    I’m waiting for my check, Councilman Davis. Will you be signing it? You owe me quite a lot at this point.

  6. Henry Davis Jr. is an ignoramus, a fool, and insane. My ancestors came to this country AFTER the civil war and emancipation and the 13th 14th, and 15th Amendments that insured freedom for former slaves. No one in my family ever owned slaves. In fact, one set of great grandparents were likely much poorer that any of the former slaves that got land and a mule. This push for reparations for slavery is ridiculous nonsense at this point. I doubt Henry was ever a slave and going back in several generations before him, if ever. More blacks have emigrated to the US Since Slaver than ever came as slaves. More white people came her under a form of slavery called indentured servitude than blacks that came as slaves. The vast majority of African slaves went to the Caribbean islands, Central America or South America that ever came to the USA. Blacks were sold into slavery by other blacks in Africa. Whites were involved in transport and retail sales but Blacks were the wholesaler of origin. This trade still goes on today only directed east of Africa. All blacks living in the USA despite what their agitators tell them live much better lives here than their fellow blacks still living in most of Africa. Ignorance is a bad thing. Ignorance that leads to this scheme is even worse. Everyone owes it to him or herself to study a little history to get context to this proposal. It isn’t too hard to find the facts. Just stop listening to agitators that promise you wonders but produce blunders. One source is a book by David Barton titled “American History in Black and White. The book costs less than most spend during two trips to Starbucks and is much more enlightening. Get several and pas them along especially to your black friends. White friends too because we are not taught in school what really happened. Do you realize that in the 10 years after the civil nearly all blacks voted 100% republican. Until the democrat KKK got going to intimidate them with death to vote democrat. Blacks got elected during that time as republicans too. Henry needs this book. Someone send him one. Easy to find at Amazon. If he’s a democrat, he is in the party that supported slavery, the KKK, and Jim Crow. As they say, you can look it up.


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