Egg prices may scramble your family’s grocery budget

(Tommie Lee/953MNC)

Some grocery store items have become more expensive, but The rise in egg prices could scramble your grocery budget.

The price for eggs jumped 49 percent this year, according to the  Bureau of Labor Statistics. The figure was not adjusted for seasonal swings.

The increase of avian flu in poultry flocks and the increase in costs of feed and energy for producers factor into the price hike.

CNN reports experts stating that the peak has passed, but customers could still be paying more for eggs in the near future.


  1. That’s the dirty little secret the Biden regime doesn’t want to admit. Inflation might be ebbing, but the higher prices are here to stay.

    Never fear though, the $1.7T omnibus is going to drive more inflation and the interest rate hikes do nothing to curb it. All the Biden supporters are going to get exactly what they voted for!


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