Goshen man pleads guilty, but mentally ill, after stabbing man during test drive

(Photo supplied/Elkhart County Jail)
A 23-year-old man from Goshen has pleaded guilty, but mentally ill, for stabbing a man to death during a vehicle test drive.
Wayne Bontrager, 73, died in March of last year, weeks after prosecutors say Samuel Byfield, 23, stabbed the used car dealer multiple times.
Investigators found the injured man after the car crashed in the area of County Road 26 and County Road 22.
Besides a murder charge, Byfield was arrested on charges of robbery, battery with a deadly weapon, theft, and leaving the scene of a crash.


  1. This spoiled little boy man needs to be locked up for decades if he claims he’s mentally ill. Criminals shouldn’t be running around loose with knives killing innocent people.

  2. “But suppose, as seemed more likely, that he was so crazy that he had
    never been aware that he was doing anything wrong? What then?
    Well, we shoot mad dogs, don’t we?
    Yes, but being crazy that way is a sickness —
    I couldn’t see but two possibilities. Either he couldn’t be made well
    — in which case he was better dead for his own sake and for the safety of
    others — or he could be treated and made sane. In which case (it seemed to
    me) if he ever became sane enough for civilized society . . . and thought
    over what he had done while he was “sick” — what could be left for him but
    suicide? How could he live with himself?
    And suppose he escaped before he was cured and did the same thing
    again? And maybe again? How do you explain that to bereaved parents? In view
    of his record?
    I couldn’t see but one answer.”

    -Robert Heinlein, Starship Troopers


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