Indiana State Police: 2022 stats “concerning” for safety of drivers and troopers

(Photo Supplied/Indiana State Police)

The Indiana State Police Lowell Post is sharing some new statistics that they say are concerning to the safety of drivers and to their troopers.

Troopers arrested just over 508 people for impaired driving in 2022. That’s slightly down from 2021, which was 526. They say while the number is lower, it’s hardly cause for celebration.

They also say troopers from the Lowell Post were struck, either in their cars or while standing outside of their cars, twelve times last year.

Of those twelve, 8 of the drivers that struck the troopers were impaired by either drugs or alcohol.

With that, they say in 2023, you’ll see a renewed focus by the Indiana State Police Lowell Post in combating impaired driving.



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