Groundbreaking help for new MLK Dream Center in South Bend

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The King center in South Bend is being replaced by the new MLK Dream Center. The ground breaking took place on Sunday, Jan. 15.

The $20 million is being funded through the American Rescue plan as well as corporate and private donations.

ABC 57 News reports that the Dream Center will focus on recreation, with two basketball courts, an indoor and outdoor playground, fitness centers, splash pads, and a beautiful outdoor park area.

Mayor James Mueller says that the project will help South Bend’s youth stay on track, while also promoting the cities growth.

Construction for the Dream Center is set to start by the end of January.


  1. Is this a joke? No one in the modern black community cares a single rats behind what MLK thought or said. None of the current black leadership does either. Just look at the stupid new sculpture that is suppose to capture the essence of MLK.


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