Resolution passed supporting legislation that Elkhart library fears could lead to book bans

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Elkhart County Commissioners have passed a resolution supporting state lawmakers to pass legislation that could leads to bans on school and public library books deemed “offensive.”

A statement from the library calls the resolution a, quote, “powerful example of government overreach that removes parental authority.”

The resolution passes, 2 to 1 with Elkhart County Commissioner Suzie Weirick, the lone holdout who voted “no.”


  1. Maybe if the libraries didn’t post up morally reprehensible books and activities for children people wouldn’t be looking to limit the authority of folks in public service. They are bringing this on themselves.

    When I was a kid I might have wanted Playboy and Hustler on the library shelves for checkout…but I was a kid and wasn’t responsible for my hormones/desires, my parents were. Adults should know better.

    • This is the crux of the matter! The librarians have abandoned the responsibility to curate their own content, and now are absolutely outraged when the lawmakers step up to fill that void. Perhaps the librarians should have been doing their jobs properly this entire time, especially that trashpile library in Indianapolis!

  2. It has become obvious that The People cannot trust librarians or the libraries to protect children form what used to be deemed pornography. The reason for government is to SECURE RIGHTS. Who is securing the rights of parents to protect their children’s innocence. Shame on Suzie. Now I know who not to vote for the next time. Parents should not let their kids visit any library without them being present especially when in the early grades of school. If Librarians or School Administrators won’t prprotect kids in support of parents then parents MUST do it personally.

    • Yeah, this was a major error from Suzie Weirick. I’m betting this will come back to haunt her in the future. She really misread the room on this one.

  3. The next thing will be to burn books, my question who will determine what books are offensive? You know some people find the Bible offensive; this is because they want to control the minds of the masses. If you keep people ignorant of their surroundings and knowledge, they are easier to persuade and control. This is government overreach.
    Why haven’t they closed these adult bookstores? This is something that should go on the state and local ballots. It should not be decided by the county alone. This all started because the history of this country is being revealed, and for no other reason. So, what happens when you have a college health assignment, are anatomy books no longer available, black History, Jewish History, how the West was Won, Biblical History, Hitler, Jack, and Jill” learning to read is not a privilege it’s a civil right. All of these could be offensive to someone. Who makes the determination?


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