Republican, Democratic candidates filing bids to run for Mayor of South Bend

(Photo supplied/City of South Bend)

Candidate for St. Joseph County Auditor Desmont Upchurch has announced a bid to become Mayor of South Bend.

Upchurch, a Republican, announced his run on his Facebook page Tuesday evening. The 20-year veteran of the U.S. Army said “South Bend is a great city, but we must understand that there is more work that we can do to make our city a much better place.” He adds that the city needs to address mental health and find ways to reduce gun violence. Those tasks will require leadership, which he believes he can offer.

A Republican has not been elected Mayor of South Bend since 1967, when Lloyd Allen was reelected.

South Bend Common Councilman Henry Davis Jr. is expected to file for his candidacy for South Bend Mayor next week.



  1. Why gun violence, specifically? Why not violence in general? His statement makes him sound like a gun grabber, which we do NOT need.

    Without armed law abiding citizens, South Bend would be MUCH worse than it already is.


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