Possible setback in plans for Ultium EV battery plant for New Carlisle

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There has been a possible setback in plans to bring a battery cell plant in New Carlisle as General Motors and L.G. Energy Solutions will not partner up for the Ultium plant.

CNBC reports General Motors is talking to at least one other battery supplier for the project.

Under the original partnership, it was believed an estimated 1,600 permanent jobs could be added to the area.

On Friday, Jan. 20, General Motors announced they would spend more than $900 million to update four factories with most of the money dedicated to an engine plant in Flint, Michigan to build the next-generation V8 for big pickup trucks and SUVs.

General Motors says factories in Rochester, New York; Defiance, Ohio and Bay City, Michigan will also see investments.



  1. As their product raw materials from Africa are mined by child slave labor. Not cool! I guess it’s OK to save the planet on the backs of kids.

    • There’s not much to be done with recycling those battery packs. We’re trading ecologically processable CO2 for toxic lithium that will wreck the environment. This is NOT a good choice.


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