Ford to lower prices on Mach-E vehicle to compete with Tesla


The Ford Motor Company has cut the price of their Mach-E electric vehicle to better compete with Tesla.

Ford officials announced on Monday that they are dropping the price of the 2023 Mustang Mach-E SUV by anywhere from $600 to $5900, depending on the model. They will also offer a deal to recent buyers, as well.

Ford officials told The Detroit Free Press that a new electric vehicle supply chain is coming online, and the Michigan automaker is ramping up production to allow for faster sales, faster deliveries, and lower prices. The standard range Rear Wheel Drive model is expected to drop in price by $900.

Existing Mach-E customers awaiting delivery of their vehicle will automatically get the lower price and customers with a sale date after Jan. 1 2023 who have already taken their vehicles home will also qualify for price reduction.



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