Pain in the pocketbook to continue during grocery shopping this year

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Pain in the pocketbook could continue for your grocery shopping this year.

The inflation rate on food items is at almost 10 and a half percent and Foodmarket says that anything that relies on vegetable oil is likely to cost more in the months ahead.

They say its connected to the war in Ukraine, since Ukraine is the world’s largest exporter of vegetable oil and has the biggest supply of sunflower oil.

Items that will likely be affected are crackers, microwave popcorn, coffee creamer, margarine, fried food, potato chips, packaged snacks, and shortening.

The price of margarine went up more than 40% in December.

But, on the bright side, the price of milk could go down this year. CoBANK says that weather conditions this year could be very good for milk production.


  1. Did you know that these vegetable oils or seed oils are very bad for the human body. We should be using extra virgin olive oil, grass-fed butter, grass-fed ghee, or coconut oil instead. None of the food items mentioned in this article are healthy either.

    Research the damaging effects of seed oils. Fast food restaurants use them and that’s why Americans are fat and unhealthy.

    • I mostly agree with you Adam. However coconut oil is very bad for your heart and can put you at higher risk for stroke as it can raise LDL levels.


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