Local reaction to President Biden’s State Of The Union address

Congressman Rudy Yakym (IN-02) issued the following statement in response to President Biden’s State of the Union address:

“While I genuinely appreciate the opening gesture of goodwill, very little I heard from President Biden tonight suggests he is serious about turning the page from the failed, far-left playbook that he and his advisors have been running over the past two years

“Moreover, Hoosiers back home know their lived reality is much different – and much more difficult – than the rosy picture President Biden tried to paint tonight.

“Prices are still too high, real wages are down, our southern border is wide-open, and our adversaries can smell blood in the water, something we just saw with this administration’s inexplicable failure to prevent a Chinese Communist Party surveillance balloon from traveling across our continent.

“In the coming weeks and months Congress will be grappling with big questions on spending and our long-term security. Going forward I hope that President Biden will work with Republicans, put forward reasonable solutions, and prioritize Americans’ real needs over his party’s liberal agenda, something that unfortunately we didn’t see tonight.”


Congressman Jim Banks released the following statement after attending Joe Biden’s 2023 State of the Union address:

“What we heard tonight was nothing more than liberal happy talk completely divorced from the reality that Americans are facing,” Congressman Banks said. “Americans continue to see out of control prices at the grocery store and gas pump, due to Biden’s mishandling of the economy. Americans see that we are facing grave national security threats due to Biden’s weakness on the world stage. And Americans see that Biden has accomplished little that actually improves their lives, because he has put the radical Left’s agenda first and hardworking Americans’ interests last. I’m running for Senate to fight back against the extreme, liberal proposals that Biden put forward tonight so we can turn our country around and once more put America first.”


Congressman Tim Walberg (MI-05) released the following statement after President Biden’s State of the Union Address:

“President Biden’s speech reflects a disconnect with the realities Americans are facing due to his failed policies.

Real wages have been down for 21 consecutive months. Inflation continues to be a heavy burden never experienced by many American families. When the President took the Oath of Office, inflation sat at just 1.4%. Despite rosy rhetoric from the President tonight, Americans know their financial situation.

Over the weekend, an ABC News-Washington Post poll showed more Americans are worse off financially since Biden took office compared to any other presidency since polling began. The same poll reflects nearly two-thirds of Americans believe President Biden has not accomplished much.

President Biden’s pursuit of a far-left agenda has fueled inflation, crippled our domestic energy sector, infringed upon freedoms Americans cherish, and created a power vacuum on the world stage most recently underscored by the Chinese spy balloon flying across Alaska and the entirety of continental America.

However, the Republican-controlled House is speaking to the issues Americans are facing. In contrast to the President’s agenda, the House is advancing legislation to fight inflation, unleash energy production and reduce gas prices, defend individual liberties, and project strength on the world stage again.

Washington is divided on which path to pursue moving forward, but clearly, the American people do not agree with President Biden’s claim that this is a successful presidency.”


Senator Mike Braun released the following statement ahead of President Joe Biden’s 2023 State of the Union Address:

“Where I come from, you don’t get credit for putting out a fire you started. When President Biden touts “deficit reduction” tonight he means adding slightly less to our $31 trillion debt bomb this year than the one and a half trillion he added last year. When he touts jobs coming back, he doesn’t mention what they’re coming back from: record high inflation he created and his COVID policies that paid people not to work. Three fifths of working Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and Hoosier families are spending more and getting less. The state of the union will always be strong as long as the American people remain resilient and innovative, and when I travel all 92 Indiana counties every year talking to Hoosiers I see that firsthand. But the state of our federal government is bloated, wasteful, and in need of real leadership.”


Former President Donald Trump’s response to the State Of The Union:

Here’s the real State of the Union. Over the past two years under Biden, millions and millions of illegal aliens from 160 different countries have stormed across our Southern border. Drug cartels are now raking in billions of dollars from smuggling poison to kill our people and to kill our children. Savage killers, rapists and violent criminals are being released from jail to continue their crime wave and under Biden the murder rate has reached the highest in the history of our country.

Biden and the radical Democrats have wasted trillions of dollars and caused the worst inflation in half a century. Real wages are down 21 months in a row. Gas prices have soared and are now going up much higher than even before and the typical American family is paying $2,200 in increased energy and food costs each year.

Joe Biden’s weaponized Justice Department, and I’m a victim of it, is persecuting his political opponents. His administration is waging war on free speech. They’re trying to indoctrinate and mutilate our children. He’s leading us to the brink of World War III. And on top of all of that, he’s the most corrupt president in American history, and it’s not even close.

But the good news is we are going to reverse every single crisis, calamity and disaster that Joe Biden has created. I am running for President to end the destruction of our country and to complete the unfinished business of Making America Great Again. We will make our country better than ever before, and we will always put America First. Thank you.

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