Man sentenced to prison after having another man purchase weapon for him

A man was sentenced in prison after having another man purchase a weapon for him. 
55-year-old George L Howell was sentenced to four years in prison plus one year of supervised release after having another person purchase a firearm for him at a south bend pawn shop in 2020.
According to reports, Howell is a convicted felon and is legally prohibited from purchasing firearms.
Documents state that while both Howell and the purchaser of the gun knew the weapon was for Howell, the purchaser lied on the purchase form, stating that the weapon was for them.
Investigators reportedly found the firearm in a truck Howell was driving.


  1. Amazing! An existing gun law is enforced. Instead of a boat load of new gun laws start enforcing existing gun laws. We might be surprised how this effects criminal activity. The only other thing to do is keep the criminals in jail rather than letting them out in sympathy to re=offend almost immediately. Remember, to the criminal, crime is their job. Now the stooge who bought a gun for a prohibited person is also PROHIBITED.


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