Bill to ban sex topics in young classrooms headed to full Indiana Senate

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay
If you have been following the debate on House Bill 1608, you might be interested to know that it is now headed to the full Indiana Senate.
If passed, this bill would implement certain restrictions for teachers of grades up to Third. They would not be allowed to discuss certain facets of human sexuality with their students, namely the adoption of different pronouns or names.
And, if a child wishes to identify as a different pronoun and/or name, parents must first give their consent or support.
This bill has been the subject of controversy between school officials, teachers, parents, and other community members.
While one side argues that passing the bill would give parents more input in their children’s education, another side says this is prohibitive for teachers, and possibly even dangerous for students with unsupportive or unsafe homes.
Under this bill, teachers would also be protected if they choose not to acknowledge a student’s pronoun or name change. However, a recent amendment says their refusal should be founded in “religious conviction.”


  1. The loony left assumes any home is “unsupportive” or unsafe if they don’t support the full on mental illness that is their ideology. NO SALE

  2. So the left thinks that a child can’t choose their bedtime, but it’s fine if they choose to mutilate their genitalia.

    It’s a mental illness, and parents have a right to know about it just like suicidal/homicidal thoughts that the teacher uncovers.


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