Tracking device bill moves to House

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The Indiana House Courts and Criminal Code Committee has approved Senate Bill 161, which makes it illegal to use a tracking device on someone or their property without their permission.
The bill was introduced after Millie Parke was almost killed by her abusive ex-boyfriend, Ronnie McClure, who used a remote tracker on her vehicle to track her down.
Parke testified before the committee, urging them to approve the bill. She argued that “this is a weapon. This is a literal weapon to somebody who’s got that crazed mind.” Last June, McClure caused a car accident and then forced his way into Parke’s vehicle, stabbing her and puncturing her heart.
State Senator Michael Crider stated that McClure was caught and convicted on multiple charges, but planting such devices is legal under current Indiana law. During the hearing, Representative Mitch Gores demonstrated how easy it is to plant a small tracking device, like an Apple Air Tag, which he slipped into Representative Shackleford’s jacket without her knowledge.
At the end of the hearing, the committee voted 10-0 to move SB 161 to the floor of the House for possible approval. If approved by the House and Governor Eric Holcomb, the bill will become law in Indiana.

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