Kawasaki Motors issues recall on push mower engines


A Kawasaki engine has been recalled due to a risk of burn and fire hazards.

The recall is for engines sold in Ferris and SCAG brands of riding lawn mowers.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission explained a risk of a fuel leak due in the case of the high-pressure fuel lines being damaged by contact with the fuel pump cover.

Consumers should stop using the mowers immediately and should contact Kawasaki Motors or one of its dealers to schedule a repair.

Recalled engines are in the following mowers:

Ferris brand:

Model # IS 700Z ZTR

Model # ISX 800Z ZTR

Model # ISX 2200Z ZTR

SCAG brand:

Tiger Cat II model

V- Ride II model

You can contact Kawasaki Motors USA at (1-866-836-4463) or through their online support services. You can find more information about the recall at https://kawasakienginesusa.com/product-recall.html


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