United Airlines shares travel tips for this spring break season
Spring is in the air, and students are flocking to airports to embark on their spring break travels.
Nicole Carriere, a spokesperson for United Airlines, is sharing travel tips, answering questions about new travel trends, and talking about how airlines are dealing with the influx of travel.
During this spring break season from now until April, Carriere says United is expecting more than 21 million people to fly through them. Carriere says they are also expecting 75,000 to be flying from Indianapolis. “If you’re heading to the airport this week, prepare for it to be busy,” Carriere said.
Carriere says that travel numbers like these are close to numbers for pre-pandemic travel, with travel numbers up “20 percent compared to last year.”
“We’re getting right back to where we used to be on those travel days before the pandemic. I think the difference now is so many people are working remotely and have more flexibility to their schedules.” Carriere said
Carriere says that those people who work remotely are flying on traditional shoulder days, like Tuesday or Thursday, and says that those days aren’t as open as they used to be before the pandemic.
Carriere says that the best thing to do is to plan ahead be prepared for travel on any day of the week. “We have become familiar with travel woes from staffing shortages, and those are affecting airlines across the country,” Carriere said.
“One of the biggest things you can do is make sure you download the United app or the airline app that you’re flying with. It’s the main way that we communicate with you to ensure that you have all the information that you need to make travel easier,” Carriere said.
Along with that communication, Carriere says that airline apps give the user a direct way to contact an airline agent and keep themselves up to date with all the travel information they have.
Carriere also provides common tips for navigating airport travel, like arriving to the airport early, finding parking, and checking the TSA website to know what you can and cannot bring in your carry-on bag.

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