Major Michigan megasite project faces questions about incentives, ownership of company

(95.3 MNC)

A major Michigan megasite project is facing questions about the incentives and ownership of the company.

In 2022 the Big Rapids area learned it was chosen for an electric vehicle battery factory by Gotion Inc.

The factory remains in line for almost $1.1 billion in state funding, but more attention is being given by residents and legislators who question whether Gotion Inc.’s Chinese ownership has ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

Local residents also want more information about how the project could impact roads, infrastructure, and other parts of the community.

A recent meeting to discuss the project was switched to an online format out of fear of disruptions from outsiders.

The Green Charter Township Supervisor, Jim Chapman, explained that the meeting was intended to be for the residents of the community and that a significant number of people from outside the area would cause difficulty in providing residents with answers to their questions. 


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