Demotion for Mishawaka Police Captain connected to Mayor’s son’s OWI-suspected traffic stop

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

In Mishawaka, a police captain is now a police lieutenant.

Now Lt. Eric Beckham has been demoted. It was a voluntary demotion.

Beckham is the same officer who told subordinate officers to leave the scene of a traffic stop involving Joe Wood, who is Mishawaka mayor David Wood’s son.

Police had stopped wood on suspicion of drunk driving in October of 2022. He was also driving on a suspended license and with an expired license plate.

The cops at the scene were order to leave the stop by Beckham as seen on police body camera video.

It’s not clear if the demotion has anything to do with an investigation into that footage.


  1. Joe Wood sounds like the clear definition of white spoiled privilege. Driving while suspended, driving with an expired license plate, and driving under the influence with a loaded firearm. I wonder if Joe Wood had actual auto insurance .

    The mayor didn’t do a good job on teaching the boy responsibility. This is a bitter learning experience for the Mishawaka Police Department.


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