Review: No criminal law broken or violated in Mishawaka Mayor’s son’s traffic stop

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

The Mishawaka Police Department has concluded its administrative review of a captain’s response to a traffic stop involving the mayor’s son, and determined that “no substantive criminal law was broken or violated in this incident.”

However, the review did identify a policy violation when Captain Eric Beckham failed to activate his body camera, and he was disciplined accordingly. Beckham was demoted to Lieutenant.

Joe Wood was pulled over, last fall, for speeding, not using a turn signal, and having an expired plate, and despite an officer reporting that he smelled of alcohol and was stumbling, no field sobriety or chemical tests were completed.


  1. Joe Wood gets special treatment just like Hunter Biden. There’s nothing like being born into a royal family. The rest of us have to follow the laws of the land.

  2. So, if I am correctly understanding this story, regarding the Mayor’s son, anyone can get away with what he did and not face any recriminations. Is that correct?

  3. So just a violation of ethics and protocols. No biggie. Huh politics does really start at the local level. I wonder what level of politician one needs to be to earn a spot in the 2nd tier of the justice system?


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