Vibrant Places Matching Grant Program funds to be given to some buildings for exterior enhancements

(Photo supplied/Pixabay

The City of South Bend is offering grant funding to some commercial, mixed use, and industrial buildings.

The Vibrant Places Matching Grant Program funds are for projects that support exterior enhancements, strengthening their resilience and curb appeal.

Some of the enhancements could be improving storefronts, clean energy production options, upgraded signage and lighting, and more outdoor seating.

The Vibrant Places Matching Grant Program 2023 Pre-Application is available here:


  1. Where does Vibrant Places get the money they grant? Taxpayers?? So why should I be funding the improvements of someone else’s property???

  2. Slacker06,
    Digital money that doesn’t exist in the first place is funneled down to local governments. This is why America has the worst hyperinflation since Jimmy Carter was president. Stop voting for Woke Democrats and R.I.N.O. Republicans. It is your constitutional right to question the puppet politicians making these decisions.

    The Deep State is working hard to destroy hard working American families.


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