Richmond warehouse fire results in class-action lawsuit

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A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Seth Smith and Cornerstone Trading Group in regard to a recent warehouse fire in Richmond.
Individuals and businesses in Richmond are hoping to hold Seth Smith and Cornerstone Trading Group accountable.  One of the lawyers representing the plaintiffs – Benjamin Felton with Dyer, Garofalo, Mann & Schultz – says the City of Richmond has been difficult to name in this lawsuit.
However, Felton says Richmond could still be named, depending on future events and how the city responds to the public’s needs.  He notes that the city owned part of the property due to Smith’s tax problems.
Earlier this month, a plastics recycling facility caught fire, causing smoke and harmful chemicals to enter the airspace.  These challenges, among others, led to the evacuation of thousands of residents from their homes and businesses.
The lawsuit says Smith and the Cornerstone Trading Group knew the facility was unsafe for years yet chose not to make all of the necessary improvements.  As a result, victims were physically and emotionally harmed, missed work/school, and more.
The plaintiffs are asking for financial compensation.
Felton also says the city knew the facility was unsafe and did not do enough to prevent the recent disaster.  During an inspection in 2019, the city determined that there was a serious fire hazard due to all the plastics, and the facility was not properly equipped for a fire.
Certain repairs and updates were supposed to be made following this inspection.  However, it seems some of these orders were ignored.
Investigators are also hoping to hear from former employees of what was once My-Way Trading, in an effort to learn more about the fire’s origin, which is still unclear.
If you once worked for this facility, contact Ross Keasling at 317-509-0381 or​


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