Local lawmaker calls school book ban bill a ‘joke’

The Indiana House and Senate approved legislation, Thursday, designed to ban school library material some might deem “obscene” or objectionable.
State law already allows parents and community members to ask school boards to review books with content considered to be “harmful to minors.” Nonetheless, Republicans who control both chambers of the Indiana Statehouse inserted the language — at the last-minute and behind closed doors — with no opportunity for amendments or additional input from constituents.
Rep. Ryan Dvorak, D-South Bend, was not pleased.
“It will further guarantee that there will be an endless stream of circuses in school board meetings going forward from here,” Dvorak asserted. “In the end, they’re going to be presented with decision-making that they already do on books that might be problematic to begin with. The whole thing is a bit of a joke.”
House Bill 1447 would become law if signed by Gov. Eric Holcomb. School libraries would be required to publicly post lists of books in their collection, and create a formal grievance process for those who object to any of the materials in circulation.
Backers of the bill said it gives parents more control over what their kids are reading. Dvorak countered parents already have the right to bring concerns to school officials. He and his colleagues called out the actions for including unrelated language into a bill about school surveys.
“Then they don’t have to vote on amendments that would be politically problematic for them on the floor of the House — things they know would be unconstitutional, but they really couldn’t politically vote against — they avoid that problem by doing this process,” Dvorak contended.
The bill’s detractors said it is a form of censorship, which sends a message to school officials and librarians they are not trusted.


  1. Of course someone with a D after their name would object to putting a check on immoral materials given to children in our government indoctrination centers. Well past time to shine a light on what is being foisted upon our nations youth.

  2. We have seen multiple stories where a parent tries to read one of these books from the school library at a public school board meeting. Invariably they are shut down because it seems the meeting is also on Zoom and minors could be watching and hear and see the very books that are already in the school library. Does anyone else see the irony. Our society spends boatloads of money chasing down child porn creators, viewers, and sellers. Yet we eagerly let little kids view prancing pathologically insane men dressed in drag shake their privates in the faces of those kids. Does anyone else see the irony? I wonder why every school board meeting isn’t at overflow capacity with protesting parents on this subject, CRT, ESG, and so many other socially destructive subjects that are being pushed in our schools using our money. The kids do not belong to the government, the schools, or the teacher’s unions. They belong to the parents who are morally, legally, and financially responsible for their upbringing. All except Hunter Biden and his crime family that refuses to acknowledge his biological daughter. I hope that Arkansas Judge throws the book at him.

    • Where do you and some many other think CRT is being taught or pushed in elementary- high schools? Who came up with that lie and why are the believers believing it?

      • The real question is why do you keep denying it? There what just some video released a couple weeks ago that FLAT OUT prove you wrong. Maybe it’s time to stop parroting what the people in charge are telling you…

  3. This law. The time it took to craft, and pass. Took time and money away from fixing real issues..for goodness sakes we are banning books that any kid can read anywhere with or without their parents permission. And to you na-sayers I ask? Does your kid have a phone in their hand….duh..stupidity and denial.at it’s best. What a waste if hoosiers tax money and time. Personally I do hope it ties up every school board meeting until lawmakers are forced to reverse this nonsensical law…too funny..we keep voting these same clowns in..

    • Conversely, it’s not unreasonable for parents to want to have a hand in determining what materials are in a SCHOOL LIBRARY. Nobody is talking about BANNING anything, the point is that some materials have no place in a school.

      Incidentally, it’s very easy to lock down a kids phone to prevent access to objectionable content if you are so inclined. Do you have any other falsehoods you would like me to dismantle for you?

  4. “The bill’s detractors said it … sends a message to school officials and librarians they are not trusted.”

    This is the only factual thing the left has to say about this bill! If those librarians and administrators upheld their obligations to the parents all along, none of this would have been necessary. Any semblance of trust has been shattered, so now we make new laws to keep them accountable to the parents. See how that works?


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