Indiana reports its first case of H5 avian flu in 2023

Image by Giani Pralea from Pixabay

Indiana has its first reported case of H5 avian flu in 2023.

The Indiana Board of Animal Health says a hobby flock of 23 birds in Posey County tested positive for the bird flu Wednesday. The report was filed due to a “significant” number of the birds passing away. It’s unclear where that flock is located within the county.

Hobby flocks and commercial bird farms in the area will be tested to make sure there’s no trace of the flu left.

The board says Indiana is still considered “influenza-free” because the flock did not sell birds or eggs.

The 2022 avian flu outbreak led to the deaths of over 229,000 birds across the state.

H5 avian flu symptoms include sudden, unexplained death, lethargic birds, misshapen eggs or a decrease in egg production, swelling and purple discoloration around the head. The virus does not affect your food.

Hobby poultry owners can report bird sickness or death to the USDA Health Birds Hotline at 866-536-7593.


  1. So where is Dopey Prince Eric the Chinless Wonder of Hoosierland’s weepy press conference. He held one for the first Covid death. Why not for bird flu, or gunshot, or fentanyl, or some other drug, or medical misadventure that happens daily, or traffic accident. or drowning, or one of a thousand ways a human can die every day.


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