What FAA is doing to make flying as easy as possible

Demand for air travel is very high this summer. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg spoke on what the FAA is doing to ensure flying is as easy as possible for you.


Recent major flight cancellations and groundings may still be on your mind as you book flights for your vacation.


Don’t worry, Buttigieg said cancellations are down, “If we look at the first four months of the year, each month the preliminary data shows cancellation rates below 2%. That’s better than what we’ve seen in about a decade.”


New lanes for traffic in the sky are being made to make it easier and cheaper for passengers.


“The FAA has used new navigation technology to authorize more than a hundred new, more efficient flight paths,” Buttigieg said, “That’s going to mean less time in the air, cost savings, and less congestion.”


But if your flight is in the unlucky 2% that is canceled, Buttigieg said that the FAA is cracking down on airlines for their role in delays and cancellations.


“Just a year ago, not one of the major airlines in the U.S. had written, enforceable agreements requiring them to do things like provide rebooking or free hotels and meals . . . Now, nearly all of the major airlines do that, and we follow up to ensure that they are doing their part.”


Secretary Buttigieg recommends visiting the FAA’s Airline Customer Service Dashboard to see what compensation you are entitled to if your flight is delayed or canceled.

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Charles U Farley May 13, 2023 at 5:43 pm

History indicates that any policy enacted by Bottyjudge, or ANY Democrat, will have exactly the opposite effect of the stated intentions. If those flight paths were worth implementing, they would have been implemented long ago.


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