Security experts urge caution as AI becomes more prevalent

(Photo supplied/Federal Bureau of Investigations)
You may remember the story in Arizona where a family thought that their daughter was kidnapped when they got a phone call and heard what sounded like the daughter’s voice.
Turns out she had not been kidnapped and it was scammers who had ripped her voice using AI from online.
Security experts are urging you to be vigilant as Artificial Intelligence becomes more prevalent in today’s society. Doug Kouns, who is a former FBI agent and now owns his own security firm in Indianapolis, tells WISH-TV that AI is a new way for scammers to swindle you.
“It’s not only going to going to put people at risk for being defrauded, but it’s also going to make everybody not trust each other,” Kouns said.
He advises that you and your family come up with a code word or a password that only you know. If you get a call from a suspicious number and it sounds like one of your family members you can say it to whoever is on the line. If they can’t say then you know it’s an AI scammer.
He also advises having strict privacy settings on social media and not clicking on any unusual emails that could be phishing for information.
Kouns added that so far he has not heard of any cases of scammers using AI in Indiana.


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