Michigan Democrats’ proposal to enable early release of prisoners temporarily suspended

("Jail cells at the Southborough Police Station" by my_southborough, CC BY-ND 2.0)
A proposal from Michigan Democrats to enable the early release of prisoners has been temporarily suspended due to internal party opposition and legal uncertainties.
The bill, designed to permit eligible inmates to reduce up to 20 percent of their minimum prison sentences by successfully completing educational or vocational programs, had been slated for a joint hearing by the House Criminal Justice Committee and the Senate Civil Rights, Judiciary, and Public Safety Committee. However, it was removed from the agenda.
A news conference to discuss the legislation was also indefinitely postponed.
Bridge Michigan reports the decision to halt the legislation coincides with concerns expressed by Republican lawmakers and Attorney General Dana Nessel, who worry that lighter sentencing could potentially retraumatize victims and place excessive burdens on the court system.


  1. Must be in an election cycle. Apparently, the party of de-fund the police thinks it might be bad optics to look like they don’t care about law abiding citizens safety as much as they do law breakers freedom to go break more laws.

    Democrats are the party of Death and Taxes; empty the prisons, kill all the babies, take all the money. Anyone who buys into this platform is only looking for the destruction of the America that was to create their new socialist/communist utopia. This is your daily reminder that socialism/communism always end in starvation and genocide.

    If you’re thinking slavery is a reason to downplay the economical powerhouse that is the America that was just remember the slaves and the institution of slavery were brought here by Britain to try to ensure we remained agrarian colonies; you can thank King George for that, it was America that then had to deal (and still does) with the fallout.

  2. They should not consider violent crime for a reduction,things like rape and murder and child or elderly abuse. I don’t see an issue with reviewing non violent offenders sentences for reduction as long as rehabilitation is happening within the time of incarceration. Prisons are over crowded and understaffed. Conditions are terrible,medical staff is spread thin. Something NEEDS to happen and soon, most people and lawmakers care less about this group of marginalized individuals. It’s unfair,unjust,and as we have seen terribly flawed.

  3. All prisoners are not bad people. Some have made a mistake. I know of quite a few that would never knowingly hurt anyone . And should not be in jail to begin with. But was rail roaded.


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