Indiana State Police say not to stop in interstates during solar eclipse
Traffic will undoubtedly be a bit of a pain on the day of the total solar eclipse in Indianapolis and in areas that are in the path of totality.
Tourism experts say they expect thousands of people from around the state and even from outside Indiana to come and watch the eclipse, which means lots of cars on Indiana’s highways trying to find the perfect spot to watch the phenomenon.
Cars on roads are exactly what have state troopers a little worried about the day of the eclipse.
“What we are afraid of is people are going to stop along the side of the road, which we don’t want people to do,” said Sgt. John Perrine. “If we have people standing along the side of the road (looking at the eclipse) and people driving distracted (looking at the eclipse), that’s a recipe for disaster.”
He is strongly urging you not to try and look at the eclipse while you are driving if you happen to be on the roads when it happens. Perrine said it’s also illegal to stop and stand on the interstate if your car is not disabled.
Finally, he urges you to have a plan for once the eclipse comes to an end., especially when it comes to finding ways around expected traffic jams. Perrine said it would likely be faster to wait out a traffic jam on a main highway or interstate than to detour on a county road or city street.
“Oftentimes, that GPS will automatically reroute you to what (it) thinks is a quicker way, but those roads can’t handle that volume of traffic,” Perrine said. “So if everybody’s GPS reroutes them to that detour, now we have thousands upon thousands of people converging on county roads that just can’t handle that traffic.”
Finally, he said you should probably gas up your car so you are prepared to wait out a traffic jam. Perrine said every state trooper in the state will be on duty on April 8th.

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