Republicans on Paris: Democrats are clueless about how to respond to terror attacks

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans are using the latest attacks in Paris to appeal to U.S. voters jittery about terrorism.

Several Republicans, including presidential hopeful Jeb Bush and former candidate Mitt Romney, appeared on the television networks Monday to decry President Barack Obama’s policies as half-hearted and to suggest that a U.S. ground war against the Islamic State may be inevitable.

Sen. John McCain told MSNBC “frankly I’m not overwhelmed with 20 airstrikes by the French,” while Sen. Lindsey Graham said “if we just drop a few bombs on these guys and that’s it, they’ll be stronger than ever.”

Bush told Fox News that Democrats have “no clue” and added: “We should have no empathy for our enemies. We should destroy them.”

The tough-talk is a political gamble. Obama was elected in 2008 on an anti-war platform.

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