After falling into storm drain, South Bend man wants city to build sidewalk on Mayflower Road

A South Bend man is asking city officials to add a sidewalk to Mayflower Road after he fell into an uncovered storm drain on the road.

Michael Rose fell into the drain while walking home from a nearby 7 Eleven store, according to our news partners ABC 57. He leg was stuck but eventually he made it out with minor injuries.

His experience is making him think about what would happen to other people walking along the road, especially young children.

“My son is 4 years old. If he goes down there, he breaks a leg, breaks his neck or anything, nobody’s going to hear him over the cars driving past. You know, he’s gone,” Rose told ABC 57.“ My son could have been dead that day.”

Rose wants the city to build a sidewalk to the road for pedestrians.

Read more in the full story from ABC 57.

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