Veteran advocates push for legislative action on services


By: Jon Zimney

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana veterans say Governor Mike Pence’s focus on a plan to certify veteran-owned businesses isn’t enough response to reports that find Indiana lacking in services for former members of the military.

Four of the state’s largest veterans’ organizations vented their frustrations with Indiana’s services and what they perceive as complacency by the General Assembly during a news conference Friday at the Statehouse.

Lobbyist Lisa Wilken of the support group American Veterans says it’s disappointing Pence has backed a bill that doesn’t address the deficiencies in Indiana’s veterans’ services. A 2014 report by the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs found the state was inadequate in several areas for delivery of services.

Nearly 476,000 military veterans live in Indiana.

The governor’s office didn’t respond immediately to a request for comment.