Retiring Indiana Supreme Court justice to hear final case in Indiana's 1st capital


By: Associated Press

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CORYDON, Ind. (AP) — Retiring Indiana Supreme Court Justice Brent Dickson is set to hear his final arguments this month in the same tiny southern Indiana courtroom that housed the state’s original Supreme Court.

Dickson’s last day with the court is April 29. But on April 20 he and the four other justices will travel to Corydon to hear arguments in a death liability case stemming from a fight at a 2010 birthday party that killed a man.

Those arguments will be recorded and webcast to schools as one of Indiana’s official bicentennial events.

The justices will meet in a small, upstairs room in Indiana’s first capitol building in Corydon. The court’s original three justices heard their first cases there in May 1817, five months after Indiana achieved statehood.