Street performers won't have to register with city of South Bend after changes to ordinance

Street performers won’t have to register with the city before performing in South Bend after the South Bend Common Council amended the busking ordinance on Monday night, April 11.

Removing the registration is just one of several changes the council made to the ordinance in light of a lawsuit from a street performer charging that the ordinance violates the First Amendment.

Other changes include:

  • Clarifying how far away performers must be from buildings, other performers and other specific areas and changing the distances to recommendations instead of requirements
  • Allowing performances to happen during and as part of special events in downtown South Bend
  • Reducing the fine for violating the ordinance from $250 to $200 on the second offense
  • Requiring performers to positively identify themselves to police and public officials
  • Allowing performers to collect money for their performances

Even with the changes, the city of South Bend is not enforcing the busking ordinance because of the pending lawsuit.

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