Ban on flags at New Prairie High School sparks confusion, protest


It started with the banning of the Confederate flag on campus at New Prairie High School in New Carlisle, but it sparked an even bigger debate and a lot of emotion.

The New Prairie United School Corporation banned the display of the Confederate flag from the campus of their high school. This includes flying the flags on cars and wearing it on shirts, according to WNDU.

Students, however, weren’t sure exactly what was banned. A vice principal reportedly told a student he couldn’t fly the American flag on his car, either. Some students planning on enlisting in the military after high school protested.

Superintendent Paul White clarified that to WNDU, saying that it was just the Confederate flag that was banned and that he was “very supportive” that students showed up to school flying the American flag from their cars.

Opponents of the Confederate flag claim the “stars and bars” represent hate. Supporters say it represents southern pride.


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