Mike Pence to address U.S. House Republicans this coming week


WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence will return to his old stomping grounds and speak to House Republicans this coming week.

Pence represented Indiana in the House for 12 years. He left Congress in January 2013 before becoming governor.

Speaker Paul Ryan and other GOP leaders invited Pence to address Republican lawmakers. Ryan spokesman Zack Roday says Pence agreed to speak to them Tuesday.

Pence will appear less than two months before Election Day.

Two months ago, Donald Trump, now the GOP presidential candidate, addressed House and Senate Republicans in separate closed-door meetings. Trump lambasted some GOP critics at those meetings.

Ryan has had a cool relationship with Trump. Ryan called Pence “a great friend and a true conservative” and said Pence has “added tremendous value” to Trump’s campaign.


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