Mishawaka approves nonlethal geese control measure


MISHAWAKA, Ind. (AP) — Mishawaka has included $15,000 in its budget to control nuisance geese after it had to kill nearly 600 geese this summer.

The Mishawaka City Council passed the budget 8-0 on Monday with members of Save the Geese in the audience. They’ve been urging the city to use nonlethal ways to discourage geese. In July the city rounded up 589 geese from parks and a golf course and exterminated and buried the birds according to state and federal guidelines.

The extermination was in response to residents complaining about goose attacks and the birds causing traffic hazards while crossing roads.

City parks superintendent Phil Blasko told the South Bend Tribune crews have been taking nonlethal steps to control the birds, including planting tall wildflowers that will discourage the geese from entering the area.


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