Indiana’s Democrats looking to make headway before next Tuesday

("Evan Bayh with Hill supporters" by Evan Bayh, CC BY-ND 2.0)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP): Next week’s election has Indiana Democrats looking to chip into the large Republican majorities in the General Assembly that have given the GOP a lock on the legislative agenda over the past four years.

Democrats are optimistic about gaining the five seats they need in the 100-member House to break the two-thirds supermajority that allows Republicans to take action even if no Democrats are present. Republicans are trying to protect several seats in the Nov. 8 election in Democratic areas where they’ve won in recent years.

Republicans appear likely to keep their supermajority in the Senate.

Democrats say their candidates are being boosted by the close gubernatorial campaign and that an increased presence in the Legislature would help Democratic candidate John Gregg if he defeats Republican Lt. Gov. Eric Holcomb.


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