Milford man arrested for killing hunting dog

(Photo supplied/Indiana Department of Natural Resources)

Indiana Conservation Officers arrested a Milford man Sunday night for the murder of a hunting dog.

Christopher Pollock, 37, of Milford, was booked into the Kosciusko County Jail for the March 5 killing, according to

A Nappanee man was hunting with his 8-year-old American Fox Hound when the dog chased a coyote onto Pollock’s property. Before the owner could retrieve the dog, Christopher shot the dog with a .22 cal. rifle at close range multiple times.

(Photo supplied/Indiana Department of Natural Resources)
(Photo supplied/Indiana Department of Natural Resources)

The dog’s owner had permission to hunt on the property he was originally on.

Indiana DNR want to make it clear hunting dogs and the game they are chasing do not understand property lines. It is a felony to shoot a hunting dog.



Hunters should contact the landowner to retrieve their dog from property they don’t have permission from and contact a conservation officer if there are any problems at 1-800-TIP-IDNR.

Pollock faces a felony for cruelty to an animal and a misdemeanor for criminal mischief.


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