Murder charges dropped against suspect in Syracuse double murder


He’s going to jail, but it won’t be for murder.

Thomas Hursey testified in the murder trials of Kyle DeHart and Brandon Woody earlier this year. For that, he’s been convicted of robbery and his two murder charges have been dropped, according to News Now Warsaw.

Hursey will be formally sentenced on Jan. 26. The agreement, if a judge accepts it, mandates that Hursey spend no more than 20 years in prison.

Joshua Knisley, 19, and Tara Thornburg, 23, were both shot and killed in Feb. 2015 in a drug deal gone bad. Hursey testified that he was there, along with DeHart and Woody. He even led police to evidence at the scene, and admitted that Woody was the triggerman in both killings.

DeHart and Woody earned 110 and 120 years in prison respectively.





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