Protesters demand answers in officer-involved shooting in Elkhart

(Sam Householder/Elkhart Truth)

Around 30 protesters made their voices heard outside of Elkhart City Hall Monday night, all demanding answers in a police-involved shooting on Dec. 4.

The protesters chanted “Justice for Norman” and “We want answers” as the Elkhart City Council fielded questions inside city hall about the Norman Gary shooting, according to the Elkhart Truth.

Gary was shot and killed during a firefight with police officers as he was sitting inside a vehicle. Elkhart police say he and another person inside the vehicle were shooting at officers that had responded to a burglary report.

One of the issues that is preventing more information being released in the case is the lack of body-cam footage. Elkhart police say the lone body-cam at the scene was not functional.

“I don’t feel like the police who shot Norman were out there doing their jobs. I feel like they just saw someone in a moment and pulled the trigger,” Daosha Massey, Norman’s sister-in-law. told the Elkhart Truth. “The police are not answering any questions, they are not doing anything for the family and I feel like there are too many unanswered questions and they are not doing anything about it.”

“I hope they listen and that the outcome is fair,” Sandy Holt, a close friend of Gary’s, told the Elkhart Truth. “We feel left out right now. I understand that the investigation takes time, but some of the stuff they can touch on now. Why were the body cameras not working, what are they going to do to fix that? We just want the whole investigation to be fair, regardless of who it is.”

Meanwhile, inside city hall, the Elkhart City Council offered few answers. Mayor Tim Neese said it was hard for councilmen to speak about an ongoing investigation.


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