Underage drinking bust results in charges for 32 people


Reports of a loud party led to quite a few ruined nights early New Year’s day.

The Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department was called to a home on the 13000 block of C.R. 44 near Millersburg in the early morning hours Sunday, according to a press release.

Officers found several partiers under the age of 21 that had been drinking alcohol. Eleven of the 32 people charged were under the age of 18 and released to their parents. The other 21 include:

Aaron Hegland (18) of Bristol, Brody Long (18) of Middlebury, Jensen Janowski (19) of Middlebury, Megan Dean (18) of Elkhart, Sophia Hochstetler (18) of Goshen, Mabel Thomas (18) of Middlebury, Cameron Frandsen (18) of Elkhart, Savanna Richardson (19) of Goshen, Mario Rodriguez (19) of Nappanee, Matilda Stillson (18) of Nappanee, Michelle Hacias (18) of Cincinnati, OH, Gavin Gage (19) of Shipshewana, Micah Chupp (18) of Milford, Joshua Tucco (20) of Cromwell, Carson LaGuardia (18) of Nappanee, Dalton Haab (18) of Syracuse, Dylan Hopkins (18) of Bristol, Amy Helmuth (18) of Etna Green, Katie Kleppinger (19) of Ossian, Peyton Laley (19) of Ossian, and Joshua Troxel (19) of New Paris.

All of the above were charged with Illegal Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages and were released at the scene.


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