Indiana lawmakers seek to reform law on property seizure

(Photo supplied/Elkhart Truth)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana lawmakers are pushing to reform laws that allow the government in some cases to take the personal property of a citizen.

The Indianapolis Star reports that eight bills have been submitted this legislative session to reform the state’s civil forfeiture law. The practice raises millions of dollars each year for local law enforcement agencies around the state.

The proposed reforms range from allowing the seizure of property only after a person is convicted of a crime, to restricting the way proceeds from civil forfeitures are used.

Law enforcement officials believe civil forfeiture is a key tool in fighting illegal drugs. But critics say it abuses private property rights and leads to “policing for profits.”


  1. Hmmmmm! How can we (Government) regulate the money we seize from our citizens? I know! We need to create more laws. Then we can create more laws regulating the laws that we created…Perpetual motion at its basic form.


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