La Casa de Amistad starts informational campaign on undocumented immigrants

(Photo supplied/La Casa de Amistad)

La Casa de Amistad in South Bend is responding to community concerns about issues regarding immigrants, asylum seekers, and the limiting of refugee admissions and benefits.

La Casa, a charitable organization and community center on the city’s west side, believes the climate of negative rhetoric and stigmatization promotes fear, according to a statement from the group.

They favor dropping the word “illegal”, because “No human being is illegal,” and would like to see a change in the narrative by way of education and collaboration. The group has started a campaign with button and stickers with the words “No human being is illegal.”

They also point out that the Social Security Administration estimates that in 2013 alone, undocumented immigrants and their employers paid $13 billion in payroll taxes for benefits that were not claimed.



  1. If you didn’t sneak across the border, you wouldn’t be called illegal immgrants. Also, you take much more in social services than you pay in taxes, since many of you are paid in cash.

    Sorry, but i’m not buying your false narrative.

  2. If i went to Mexico without documents would i be legal or criminal i believe that works both ways so sell your agenda somewhere else


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