Indiana gas tax increase bill passes House vote, now moves to Senate

("Gas Pump" by Mike Mozart, CC BY 2.0)

The bill to charge you more for gas to pay for the roads you drive on has passed the House.

House Republicans’ bill would raise gas taxes 10 cents a gallon immediately, then index the tax to inflation and income growth for the next seven years. You’d also pay $15 more to register your car, and the state would study whether to impose more tolls.

House Democrat Leader Scott Pelath says it’s just too much.

“The tax is just too big. You might be able to convince people about some of the tax, but the tolls are really going to bother folks.”

House Majority Leader Brian Bosma, however, thinks lower-and-middle-class Hoosiers will be OK.

“For the average driver that drives 12,000 miles a year, which happens to be the average figure, it’s $63 a year,” Bosma says.

The bill goes to the Senate next month. The measure passed 61-36, with seven Republicans joining the Democratic caucus in voting no.

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  1. Does anyone think this money will be used for roads? it won’t. Just like other gas taxes were going to make our roads so much better. What happened to that money? Lottery money was going to be used for roads. What happened to that money? Not used for roads obviously. These people are basically just robbing us again. “Its only $5.00 per month to have great roads” is the last ridiculous quote I heard. Gov. Holcomb should freeze all raises for state employees as a “road tax”. Oh wait, just got himself and others pay raises…If the senate votes this through I will be encouraging everyone to vote for the other guy in 2018 no matter who it is.


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