Indiana Senate defies Gov. Eric Holcomb, passes reduced pre-k bill

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The Indiana Senate has approved a bill slashing a request by Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb to increase funding for a program sending needy kids to preschool.

The bill passed Tuesday on a 41-9 vote. It trims Holcomb’s $10 million requested increase to $3 million.

It also sets aside $1 million for an online preschool program that House Speaker Brian Bosma is skeptical of. Lawmakers are looking at a program by Utah-based Waterford Institute that offers 15-minute-long daily online lessons for preschoolers.

Supporters of the measure by Republican Sen. Travis Holdman of Markle say it takes an important step that will grow the state’s fledging pre-kindergarten program.

Some Democrats say much more funding is needed, but they supported the bill to keep the effort alive.

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Over Taxed for garbage decisions March 1, 2017 at 2:21 pm

What the hell are they spending our money on now? 1 million $ for 15 minute “on line” sessions for preschoolers? Are you serious. These people can afford internet but somehow we have to pay 3 million dollars for their preschoolers to access this? WTF! 3 million $ to send “needy” kids to pre-school. No kid needs preschool whether they are needy or not. They need parents. A stupid idea I know. This is very expensive baby sitting at tax payer expense and nothing more. Holcomb is totally insane and the Indiana Senate is right with him. Love to follow this money to see where it really ends up. Want to bet no more than 10% will be spent on these ridiculous programs…


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